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functional bodywork massage therapy gresham

Are you looking for more than a relaxing massage that actually makes long-term changes?

Are you tired of being in chronic pain from an old injury and dealing with tension that never seems to go away?

Do you need holistic care that brings the best of manual therapy and corrective exercise to continue performing at a high level?

About Tyler

tyler kragerud functional bodywork and myofascial release therapist gresham oregon

Too many people suffer from chronic pain due to injuries, surgeries, illness, and postural issues that seem to have no end. People with certain types of pain can’t get the help they need and most doctors offer surgery or drugs as long-term solutions when they should be left for immediate help or a last resort. My job is to show you a different way that works with your body so that you can start functioning stronger with less pain, better performance, and more tools.

My journey began in my early twenties after suffering several sports injuries resulting in chronic neck pain and nerve symptoms. If you’d like to learn more about my background, I invite you to visit my about page.

Living with chronic pain and tension while trying to live and work at your best can be difficult. If you’re still reading this, you want a more effective natural solution.

That’s why I’ve developed functional bodywork

with you at the forefront of my mission. I know what it feels like to push through pain and injury. I wish I had known what I know now so I could have healed faster, with less pain, and been equipped to prevent injury going forward.

What is Functional bodywork?

Functional Bodywork is how I’ve helped countless people over the last 10 years experience real functional outcomes. Are you ready to feel and function better than you ever thought you could and experience:

Deep rest and recovery

Decreased chronic pain

Improved digestion

Better sleep

Less tension

Increased strength and flexibility

Confidence in how much your body can heal and do

What Clients are Saying

Tyler is a highly skilled, professional, and intuitive therapist with a consistent and focused approach to my overall well-being. For over 2 years, Tyler has helped me recover from a back injury and has given me the exercises to maintain my renewed health. I highly recommend Tyler! -Corey

Tyler was recommended to me through a fitness professional. At the time I had a terrible back injury and could barely tolerate touch. Tyler is intuitive and patient and assisted in my healing and pain management tremendously. He is also a talented practitioner of craniosacral therapy… amazing when done so well! -Leah