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Bodywork services

Bodywork Meridian, Idaho

Personalized bodywork sessions for injury and trauma, including car accidents, sports injuries, whiplash, head and spine trauma, chronic pain syndromes and more.

Styles of bodywork are combined to create a custom therapeutic session specific for your optimal recovery.

Sports Massage

Sports massage and deep tissue are geared toward the everyday person or athlete. Those who demand personalized bodywork for their training regimen, season, and sport-specific injuries as well as tension, knots, aches, and pain. 

Detox Massage

Detox massage is a combination of Manual Lymph Drainage, Myofascial Release, and Cranial Manipulation to aide in the body’s detoxification process. This style of manual therapy is helpful for those suffering from chronic illness and complements of the work of naturopathic care.

Car Accident Massage

Car accident massage is specific massage therapy treatment for those who have been in a motor vehicle accident. Massage is safe after an accident within 1-4 weeks depending on the severity. A referral from your primary care physician is required prior to treatment. PIP insurance is billed.


Cupping is an effective way to release tension in tissue with the use of suction. The cups can affect the body up to four inches into the tissues, allowing for the release of toxins, activating the lymphatic system, and increasing local circulation. Cupping is useful, safe, and can be added to any massage treatment to enhance its results.

muscle activation

By activating muscles that are weak and “turned-off”, we can reset muscular balance to your body so the same muscles can stop being over-worked and tight, and the weak muscles can activate and do their job via Isometric and manual resistance exercises on and off the table.

corrective exercise

Specific strengthening exercises and stretches prescribed to correct muscle imbalances, decrease chronic pain and tension, and improve overall function, posture, and body alignment.

Myofascial Release

Working directly and intentionally with myofascial structures in a way to release tension and correct imbalances to allow for better ease and homeostasis throughout the system.

Fascial Stretch Therapy™

FST is the fastest way to achieve better range of motion, aid in lymph circulation, and enhance recovery using pain-free assisted stretching techniques.

trigger point Release

Neuromuscular therapy helps to reset the tone of the muscles by working directly with your nervous system and releasing palpable nodules called trigger points that have predictable locations and referral patterns.


CST is a way of freeing structural restrictions along the head, neck, and spine in relation to the spinal membranes, cranial bones, and fascial system. It’s subtle, quiet work, that requires patience and listening to the rhythms of the body, waiting for them to unwind and balance.

Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage techniques help aid the movement of lymph when there is an obstruction in flow, which can happen post-surgery, when scar tissue is present, or with other injuries and health conditions. Lymph drainage is specific light work to aid the body’s inherent physiological process.

Positional Release

Instead of attempting to resist and counter the position of distortion which was causing more pain, he further exaggerated the strain pattern. Strain/counterstrain, or Positional Release, was witnessed and further refined by other clinicians.

As a CrossFit athlete, Tyler understands the stress I put on my body. He has helped me numerous times to perform at my optimal and has helped correct my posture which has alleviated a lot of problems for me. I highly recommend investing in yourself by seeing Tyler.

bodywork meridian idaho

Being an endurance athlete, I have reached out to numerous practitioners for massage and FST. Finding Tyler has really helped me reach my goals. Tyler has a great knowledge and incorporates his skills to achieve what I needed. Tyler has a great rapport and I truly would recommend to anyone who needs work on their bodies, with a combination of massage, stretching, and FST, he is a great resource for what you might need.

bodywork meridian idaho

Tyler is a highly skilled, professional, and intuitive therapist with a consistent and focused approach to my overall well-being. For over 2 years, Tyler has helped me recover from a back injury and has given me the exercises to maintain my renewed health. I highly recommend Tyler!

bodywork meridian

Tyler is fantastic! He’s intuitive and has a thorough understanding of sports, movement, and anatomy, more than many massage therapists I’ve visited in the past. I’m a perpetually-injured runner and seeing him always helps. I’d go every week if I could.

bodywork meridian

Bodywork can help with:

Limited range of motion

Chronic pain and tension

Repetitive stress injuries

Muscle soreness

Muscle weakness

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Piriformis syndrome

Post-concussion syndrome

Traumatic brain injury

Lymphatic drainage

Scar tissue

Sinus pressure



TMJ dysfunction

Lower back pain

Knee pain

Shoulder pain

Movement imbalances

Accidents, injury, trauma

Reduced ability to breathe

Post-surgery pain

Pelvic and hip imbalances