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Corrective Exercise

corrective exercise Gresham OR

Understanding corrective exercise

Corrective exercise encompasses specific strengthening exercises and stretches prescribed to correct muscle imbalances, decrease chronic pain and tension, and improve overall function, posture, and awareness. Corrective exercise is designed to activate, build endurance, and strength in weak muscle groups. These muscle groups tend to be what Janda refers to as postural, or phasic, muscles which tend to become lengthened and weak over time if not adequately used day-to-day. These muscles are often classified as extensors. Stretching is used to increase muscle extensibility primarily in mobilizers, or tonic, muscle groups that act as flexors. These muscles tend to shorten and tighten-up over time. These are common patterns often observed and treated with corrective exercise.

How corrective exercise can help you heal

There are many patterns of dysfunction that can lead to imbalances within the musculoskeletal system. Corrective exercise should be a vital piece of everyone’s health regimen. It can be as simple as a couple of stretches throughout the day or a few warm-up exercises pre-workout that can help prevent injury, decrease pain and tension, and enhance performance. At Rx Bodywork & Fitness, we will guide you through exercises and stretches to fit your needs and goals.