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Understanding Cupping

Cupping is an effective way to release tension in tissue with the use of suction, or pulling. The cups can affect the body up to four inches into the tissues, allowing for the release of toxins, activating the lymphatic system, and increasing local circulation. Cupping is useful, safe, and can be added to any massage treatment to enhance its results.

Benefits of Cupping:

  • Deep tissue stimulation
  • Relieves inflammation and pain
  • Pulls blood supply to the skin
  • Loosens scar tissue adhesions
  • Stimulates the flow of energy
  • Stretches muscle and fascia
  • Increases circulation and improves heart health
  • Promotes the flow of lymphatic fluid to stimulate the immune system


Cupping effects on the body

Cupping will leave circular marks that appear like bruising that can last up to a week or more depending on the level of tension and hydration of the individual. This is something to consider if you’re planning on having pictures taken or going on a vacation soon! Most people feel a pulling sensation on their skin and muscle tissue that slowly releases with time. The average cupping treatment lasts 5-10 minutes in one area. It is an effective tool for decreasing myofascial tension, especially when trigger point release and other techniques aren’t quite getting the effect we are looking for.

At Rx Bodywork & Wellness, we use plastic cups and a small suction device to adhere the cups to the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, cupping was done using glass cups and fire to create suction. This can also be an effective method, but for our clinic, plastic cups work great without the need for heat.