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Fascial stretch therapy™

Fascial Stretch Therapy™ assisted stretching is a whole-body stretching style designed to promote balance throughout your neuromyofascial network. Fascial Stretch Therapy uses variations of lengthening, twisting, traction, and oscillating movements to foster natural range of motion, realign the myofascial system, and assess for imbalances in strength and mobility.

Who can benefit from fascial stretch therapy?

FST is ideal for those suffering from pain and tension throughout their back, hips, shoulders, arms, legs, and neck. The unique stretching style targets muscle and fascia while gently stretching the nerves. Used by professional athletes and rehab practitioners across the globe. Tyler is credentialed in FST Levels 1 and 2 and has had the opportunity to work with recreational and professional athletes in Portland, OR and Bend, OR since 2014. He has helped Nike runners, hockey players, rugby athletes, as well as cyclists, swimmers, and ultra-runners with injury prevention, recovery, and correcting muscle imbalances.


fascial stretch therapy


Fascial Stretch Therapy is an effective full-body flexibility assessment and treatment technique, especially for the hips, shoulders, and neck.


Regain natural range of motion by unraveling and unwinding the fascial web and unlocking sticky joint capsules.


Re-activate dormant muscle groups by increasing circulation and toning down overactive muscles.


Increase circulation and move fluids to enhance recovery post workout or event.

WHat is a Fascial stretch therapy Session like?

FST is performed while wearing flexible clothing and a table strap in order to maximize complete range of motion. Clients report feeling less tension, pain, and increased mobility immediately after stretching sessions. FST can also be integrated into massage sessions. They last 60, 75, or 90-minutes in length.

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