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Firefighter Resources

firefighter resources portland oregon

I spent 2 summers as a wildland firefighter with the US Forest Service and have several structural firefighter friends. I highly respect first responders and those willing to put their lives at risk to save others. Sadly, the world is getting more toxic. Firefighters are at a higher risk of developing cancer due to occupational exposure. They also rely on their bodies for intense physical exertion and often sustain injuries. Here are some firefighter resources for health and wellness.

Injury Prevention

To reduce the risk of injury due to common firefighter injuries (lower back, shoulders, and knees are the common).

Muscle Imbalance Assessment: includes joint mobility, flexibility, strength testing, and movement pattern assessment.

Corrective Exercise Prescription: custom exercises and stretches for your body.

Functional Bodywork: hands-on manual therapy.

Firefighter Wellness

Firefighter Detox Protocols– hydration, supplementation, and sauna protocols for detoxification.

Recovery– sleep, bodywork, emf protection, earthing, acupuncture, nutrition, hydration, EAV screening

Recommended Resources

Dr. Klinghardt Detox Protocols

Dirty Genes– research states that 40-50% of the US population has a MTHFR gene mutation that affects detox pathways.

Surviving the Fire Service- Chief Todd J. LeDuc – Scientific Publications regarding Detoxification

Research and training

Firefighter Health- Wildfire Today

VectorSolutions- Firefighter Cancer Awareness Training

Carcinogenicity of occupational exposure as a firefighter Article

National Firefighter Registry (NFR) for Cancer

National Development & Research Institutes – USA

Washington State Council of Firefighters