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Neck Pain

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Understanding Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the most common complaints patients seek massage therapy. The neck is designed to support our head, while at the same time allowing for adequate movement. Have you ever had what felt like a knot or pinched nerve in your neck that made it hard to turn to look in your blind spot? Our necks were designed to move at that range in order for our eyes to pick up threats and scan the horizon. Long hours staring at a computer screen can strain the eye muscles and result in tension at the base of the skull. These neck muscles are connected to our eyes and move our chins up. When these muscles are stuck, they limit the range of motion of your neck leading to pain, tension headaches, and decreased lymphatic drainage.

Common types of Neck pain

Do you wake up with neck stiffness or pain? Or do you feel that your neck pain becomes worse towards the end of the day? There are many causes to neck pain ranging from myofascial tension, strain/sprain, disc injury, TMJD, head trauma such as whiplash or concussion, and muscle weakness or hypermobility. In clinical practice, one cause of neck pain is upper cross syndrome. Poor or repetitive posture, sports injuries, work or auto accidents are also leading causes of neck pain.

Effective Neck Pain Treatment

At Prescription Bodywork, Tyler will guide you through the first step in treating your neck pain including a thorough medical history. Next, is a detailed assessment of signs and symptoms, posture, range of motion, and hands-on assessment. Tyler has helped clients achieve lasting results with his combination of myofascial release and massage therapy techniques. Corrective exercises also help re-balance your muscles to improve posture and decrease pain caused from poor posture or an injury.