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Shoulder Pain

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understanding shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is common among athletes and those who are are active for work and recreation. Sometimes shoulder pain is a result of overuse or simply reaching for something in the backseat of the car. When addressing pain in the shoulder region and its potential root causes, it’s important to look at the surrounding tissues. The neck, shoulder blades, and upper back can all play a role with shoulder pain leading to primary and secondary causes where the shoulder itself is the victim.

Common types of shoulder pain

Massage therapy relaxes knots, trigger points, breaks up scar tissue, increases circulation, and frees nerves all of which can drastically reduce or eliminate pain. The type of pain is also very important. Is your shoulder pain sharp, dull, achy, constant, intermittent, or only painful with certain positions? Do you have numbness of tingling that only occurs after bouts of gripping or maintaining certain postures? Do you experience shoulder pain and stiffness when working overhead or after a long day at work? Or only with certain movements? Shoulder pain and tension is often caused from poor mechanics, repetitive movements, poor posture, neck injury, or sports injury, work injury, or auto accident. Rotator cuff injuries are also very common with athletes, but can also happen with reaching, falling, or lifting.

Effective treatment of shoulder pain

At Prescription Bodywork, Tyler will guide you through the first step in treating your shoulder pain including a thorough medical history. Next, is a detailed assessment of signs and symptoms, posture, range of motion, and hands-on assessment. Treating your shoulder pain will include a variety of massage therapy techniques to reduce tension, increase circulation, decrease the body’s pain response, and break up any scar tissue. It’s important to assess and treat the thoracic spine, ribs, and shoulder mechanics. Tyler specializes in helping clients find long-lasting relief from chronic shoulder tension and pain.