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Sports Massage Gresham

sports massage gresham OR

What is sports massage therapy?

Deep tissue and sports massage therapy are geared toward the everyday person or athlete. Those who demand personalized bodywork for their training regimen, season, and sport-specific injuries as well as tension, knots, aches, and pain. Varying levels of pressure, strokes, and depth are used to release tissue, promote healing, relaxation, and recovery. This style of bodywork is one of the most popular due to its all-around effectiveness and whole-body approach. Treatment sessions can be focused to a specific region of the body, such as lower or upper body, back, shoulders, or neck. Sessions can be scheduled pre or post-event as well either for sport preparation or when healing from an injury and recovery. Come try a sports massage Gresham!

Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy:

  • Reduced tension and pain
  • Increased recovery
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Decreased soreness
  • Balanced myofascial tissue
  • Relaxation
  • Enhanced performance
  • Improved body awareness and posture
  • Better flexibility
sports massage gresham

If you’re looking for a thorough and custom professional sports massage in Gresham and surrounding area, use the book now button below or call/text Tyler at 503-329-5274.