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massage symptoms

Why Should I get bodywork?

Most people know what a massage is and often picture a relaxing spa setting. However, when people hear the term bodywork, they often think of getting some work done on a car for body damage! Massage and bodywork can be used interchangeably, but bodywork usually means a more specific form or style of techniques that require more training and are geared toward helping someone who is experiencing certain symptoms.

Bodywork can help with these common symptoms

Chronic pain and tension

Repetitive stress injuries

Workout and sport recovery

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Piriformis syndrome

Post-concussion syndrome

Traumatic brain injury

Lymphatic drainage


Sinus pressure


Shin splints

TMJ dysfunction

Back pain

Neck pain

Shoulder pain

Achilles tendinopathy

Hip Flexor pain

Post-surgery pain

Muscle imbalances